Elizabeth Lee’s 2021-22 Junior Solo Free Dance to Madonna/Lady Gaga’s Vogue & Applause

The Benefits of Dancing For Fitness

Have you thought about taking dance lessons? Inspired by what you’ve seen on television? You too can dance – find out all the benefits joining a dance class could give you.

Should Kids’ Dance Studios Offer Ballroom Dancing?

It’s easy to find kids dance studios offering ballet or tap. But what about other styles, like ballroom dancing? This is a good style for kids to learn because:

Take a Group Adult Dance Lesson For a Fun Afternoon

A group adult dance lesson is a fun way to spend time with friends. You can: (1) learn a new dance, (2) have fun with your friends, and (3) get some exercise. Learn more about group classes work.

Adult Dance Classes and the Social Value

There’s no reason to fear taking adult dance classes. You should go ahead because: (1) the other students won’t know how to dance either, (2) you’ll benefit from it, and (3) you’ll regret putting off something you’ve wanted to do for awhile. Read this article for more inspiration.

Black Jazz Pants – Ideal For Jazz Lessons

Jazz is a form of dance as well as a great exercise for the body. In order to ease your dance moves, you should ensure that you are properly attired. Black jazz pants, for example, are popular for jazz dancers and you may want to get some of these before you begin your jazz lessons.

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