Elske en Marc Olivier – Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend // DANCING ON ICE // #7

Practising Couples Dancing Without a Partner for Better Leads and Follow

Many couples dancers have troubles with leading and following. They are not always sure what a lead is or how strong it should be. By taking advantage of observation it is actually possible to get a good understanding of this by practicing alone.

Dealing With Tricky Timing Issues – The Timing Transfer Method

Many of us find at times that there are some steps in partner dancing that have timing that throw us. Typically, there is just something minor about the step that is different, but it’s enough to cause us issues. One way of overcoming this is the timing transfer method.

The Single Key to Good Looking Partner Dance

Research has shown that by ensuring a certain relationship between the top part of your body and the bottom part of your body your dance will naturally look better. By understanding this it is easier to make your couples dancing look better.

Don’t Collect – Release!

Here’s today’s message to tangueros and tangueras alike: STOP COLLECTING!! (Whew. Sometimes I just have to be emphatic to get everyone to think differently!) Is this a subversive message, or what?

Dizziness in Couples Dancing

Dizziness is common in couples dancing. We often need to spin as a couple or spin relative to our partner. If we cannot do this without getting dizzy, then we have problems. Luckily, this is something that we can condition against.

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