Elske en Marc Olivier – Rise Up // DANCING ON ICE // #7

Zumba Shoes – Buying The Right Pair

When buying a pair of Zumba shoes it is important that you choose the right ones. Not everyone will choose the same pair of shoes for Zumba as some might have a high arch or flat feet so you see you must choose a shoe that is right for you. Below are a few things to take into account when choosing.

Willpower and Partner Dance – The Simple Key to Better Lessons and Learning Faster

Couples dance classes can sometimes take a lot of concentration and energy. Few realise that concentration itself takes energy. Given that dance can be physical and demanding of concentration it is important to keep energy up. Otherwise, your time in a dance class will be wasted.

Why Does Partner Dancing Feel Odd?

When we start partner dance we often feel odd. There are numerous reasons for this. Part of it is because the body language doesn’t fit with how we feel. Also, it is because we are not familiar with these kinds of moves, and we do not have a good sense of how the feeling links with the looks. By understanding this, it becomes much easier to accommodate this, and dance well.

Understanding the History of a Partner Dance for Better Expression

Each partner dance has something about it that is unique. By understanding this difference one is better able to express the dance. This dance will talk about how the history of a dance can be used to better understand what is unique about a dance.

Traditional Gender Roles in Partner Dance

Most couples dances were developed when the roles between the sexes were more regimented than they are today. This can make partner dancing confronting for some people. To get more out of couples dancing it helps to take on these roles just for the time you are dancing.

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