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Unanticipated Benefits of Belly Dancing

To many people, belly dancing is just one of the many forms or types of dance. But in reality, it is more than just dancing. It also has other benefits, and this article lists some of them.

Men’s Dance Classes: Helping Guys Hurdle Their Shyness of Dancing

Men are always pretending they don’t like to dance or are just openly shy about it. It’s because they aren’t very good. Take some lessons and be the king of the dance floor. The ladies love it!

Dealing With Criticism in the Dance World: Turn Negative Into Positive

No matter how hard you try, it seems like your dancing always has problems. Sometimes the corrections leave you feeling overwhelmed. Every dancer must learn to deal with these remarks. So, how can you handle critiques confidently and calmly? Here are some helpful ways to make criticism constructive rather than destructive. These comments are the same for life in general, not just the dance profession. In dance though it is part of the scene. If you find it too hard to handle maybe you do not belong in the dance field.

Three Things To Consider Before Enrolling Your Child In Dance Lessons

Parents considering dances lessons for their child should ask themselves three very important questions for optimal success. Read on to find more.

Types of Dance Competitions

Types of dance competitions you can join for your new found skills, once you have learned to dance – Ballroom, Salsa, regional and national dance competitions, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “America’s Got Talent”, “Dancing With The Stars”… Dance competitions are some different ways you can use your new found skills, once you have learned to dance.

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