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The Basic Steps of the Charming Cha Cha Dance

The Cha Cha Dance is a flirtatious party dance which originated in Cuba; considered to be among the most versatile Latin dances, the Cha Cha can be danced to Latin Pop or Latin Rock music or authentic Cuban sounds. Originally, it was danced to the music of Enrique Jorrin, a Cuban composer in 1953; today, this dance is known to be among the most popular dances among professionals and beginners. The Cha Cha is known for its highly captivating rhythm which can be described as one step, two step then cha-cha-cha; basically the dance involves shifting the weight from left foot to the right and vice versa.

5 Helpful Tips for a Fun Experience With Your New Dance Shoes

Beginner and Intermediate dancers always have thoughts of what to do, and what would be appropriate dancewear when going dancing. Accordingly, you should always bring proper dance shoes when going to any event. After 30+ years of performing and watching from the vantage point of the stage, indeed I have seen a lot of body language and expressions of the dancers. In sharing my experience, it’s important to realize that yes, having a long list of tips will only take away from what can certainly be a fabulous evening of dancing. Here are a few pointers to ease your mind and get you radiating confidence before you walk out the door.

Things You Need To Know When Purchasing Dance Belts For Him

You are dating a dancer who spends hours in the ballet studio. With winter holidays approaching, you are thinking of a good gift for him. Quality dance belts are a good choice if ballet is both his career and hobby. Though you are a true balletomane, you may lack information on ballet outfits. This article may help you get started.

How to Perform Ballet Pointe

Many aspiring dancers and ballet students find dancing en pointe the most difficult technique. Why is it so? Pointe is hard to learn because it requires a lot of experience in dance, not to mention the countless hours of strength and conditioning of your feet and legs. Many dancers still cannot dance en pointe despite studying ballet for years. Have you ever perform the pointe?

How to Perform a Split

Performing a split within itself can be a difficult yet challenging task on its own. Imagine doing a number of splits on your dance, ballet, cheerleading, or gymnastic routines. It is a rule for every dancer, ballet dancer, cheerleader, and gymnast to train oneself to learn the splits to attain flexibility on performing routines.

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