Elske & Marc-Olivier – Instruction // DANCING ON ICE // #2

Five Dances Everyone Should Know

Not enough people know how to dance anymore, despite the fact that it is a skill everyone should have. Learn which five dances are absolutely essential.

Choosing The Right Pair of Tap Shoes

A good pair of tap shoes should fit snugly to the foot without being too tight. Even if the dancer’s feet are still growing, allowing for growing room in the shoe should be done with caution because any movement of the tap shoes on the feet has a high possibility of causing blisters and discomfort.

Top Five Reasons To Try Dance

This week we have decided to share our top five reasons to try dance. Recently we have shared our top fives on various hobbies and activities, including weight lifting and pilates. We hope you find them interesting.

What Makes Latin Dance Lessons So Hot

You can obtain the perfect lessons in Latin dance from most top dance schools. You will probably come across a lot of people who are fascinated with learning how to dance as well. This will be a great opportunity to make friends and communicate with people who have the same interest with you, which in this instance is dancing.

Look How Far We’ve Evolved – We’re Now “Dancing With the Stars'”

What Would You Give To Become A Really Good Dancer? How much would it be worth for you to make yourself so popular through your ability to dance all of the very latest steps, that everyone would be anxious to have you attend their social affairs? Good dancers always have the best time. The best dancers and the prettiest girls always want a good partner. From the business well as the social standpoint, it really is time and money profitably spent to add dancing to your accomplishments. Especially so, since it now cost so little – and a fine dancing ability can be mastered in only a few hours.

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