‘Ephemera’ – Anne Goldberg-Baldwin & Sean Marshinski (2021 American Contemporary Skating Festival)

Learn Dancing at Home

This way of going about learning how to dance is basically for the shy. However, it could also be for people who do not find time to go out for dance lessons and would miss out on a favorite pastime if they didn’t do it at home when they found the time to do so.

Learn Dancing As an Exercise

If you have been unable to keep to your daily exercise regime then take on something new and interesting instead and learn how to dance as an exercise. You can wear body tights and sneakers and perform the most intricate and vigorous steps in a dance.

What You Need to Know About the Power of Dance and Your Children

This article talks about the power of dance for children and connects how dance can help a child’s self esteem. In this article I explain why is dance helpful.

Healthy and Fun

A passion for dance can be really powerful. Just hearing a favourite piece of music can make you want to be up on the dance floor, at least for the duration of the song if not much longer! The majority of people like to dance, and find expressing themselves in this way enjoyable, not to mention knowing that it is a good form of exercise.

Great Value Ballet Tights

The summer is almost upon us, and it feels as if the year has flown by. Busy modern lifestyles mean that days can turn into weeks and months before we have a chance to realise we have been rushing around.

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