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Nine Simple Tips on How to Choose the Best Ballroom Dance Instructor in Less Than 9 Minutes!

You have heard ballroom dancing is great fun, exciting and good exercise. But do you know how to select the right ballroom dance instructor of your choice? It is very important to invest some time and effort on finding it. Ideally, you want to find someone who fits your goals for your dance career. It maybe a difficult task as the dance industry is not license-regulated, nor are there educational requirements to teach.

Shimmy, Shimmy! Bellydance Benefits

More than just seductive gyrations to the likes of Shakira, bellydance is one of the world’s most ancient forms of exercise. As a dancer and teacher of this artform, I have come to realize the many health benefits that bellydance has to offer. Bellydance can be enjoyed by all: anyone and everyone can benefit from this dance, regardless of age, shape, weight, and body type.

Dance Leotards – Tank, Cap Sleeve, Camisole, Long Sleeve, Frilled and Skirted

The dance leotard is designed to be formfitting to allow both the teacher and audience to see the placement of the dancer’s body. This article describes some of the different types of leotard available.

Beginning Dancers – Do Not Become Discouraged

I can remember the first time I ever went to an official dance. I had taken 3 Cha Cha classes, at a community center, without a partner. Everything about the class was foreign to me. I could not remember the steps and I had no experience with frame, as that instructor did not rotate partners. I learned, speaking the term lightly, the basic Cha Cha rhythm and a cross over break.

Ballet Dancing and How to Take Care of Your Feet

Feet are supremely elegant appendages that we use constantly in our dancing, but we don’t realise what staggering abuse we can put our feet through. Dancers who spend hours pounding their feet on unforgiving surfaces can’t expect their feet to stay injury and stress free. Because ballet dancers rely on using their feet for just about every aspect of their dancing, here of some more things that you can do to keep them healthy and happy.

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