Episode 125. Wall Exercise for Backward Crossover Under Strokes

The Resurgence Of The Disco Ball

If you are a club owner or even just throwing your own party and want to add some excitement, a sure fire crowd pleaser is the disco ball. Whether you choose the classic version or one of the newer models will more colors, there is surely a model available to suit your needs.

Dance Teacher Career – The Demands of the Job

A dance teacher career is difficult but rewarding. Teachers provide invaluable aid to students who want to learn and improve.

Dance Teacher Training – Acquiring Skills and Experience

Dance teacher training is important for the instructor. In order to get the job they have to have the necessary skills and experience that will enable them to teach effectively.

Hip Hop Dance Teacher – What to Teach

A hip hop dance teacher helps students learn and understand what hip hop is all about. The dance is probably the most popular contemporary dance in our times.

Dance Teacher Jobs – Critical Elements of the Job

Dance teacher jobs require several vital elements. Instructors must be aware what to expect when teaching dancing.

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