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How to Create a New Dance Routine

Sometimes one gets to a practise hall or public place and the moment comes to dance and my memory is blank. What do I do, I listen to the music and let my training and practise of dance come to life as the music starts, here are a few tips on what I do to create new moves and routines in dancing.

Yuck! – Icky Dancer Toenails

Since I have started dancing, my toenails have taken a beating. I used to take pride in painting my nails a fiery red, or a bright pink just because I wanted to, but covering up my gross nails became a necessity, not a pleasure.

How Pole Dancing Has Evolved

Nowadays, Pole dancing is still a bit of a taboo subject and it shouldn’t be. It has evolved dramatically in a positive way. The dance was originated from strip clubs in Canada back in the 1980’s. It spread through clubs in Canada and the US, then finally reaching the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why People Dance

For as long as we have been upright creatures, human beings have been dancing. Dance is a form of expression that supersedes verbal language; it is possible to convey far more meaning in a sweeping gesture than a simple phrase.

How to Dance Duranguense

Don’t you hate going to a party and being the one who doesn’t know how to dance? Well it’s time to kick the shyness and learn how to dance duranguense! Duranguense gained popularity during the early 2000s and continues to top the Regional Mexican music charts to this day. Duranguense is a very fast and driven dance so find a song you like (Por Tu Amor – Alacranes Musical) and let’s get to learning.

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