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Why is Ballroom Dancing So Popular?

When people think about going out dancing, they usually think first of a typical club. The crowds and loud music can make the whole thing seem sort of unappealing. However, ballroom dancing is another great way to spend an evening on the dance floor and since it has become so popular, it seems that more and more people are beginning to figure this out.

Salsa Dance Lessons – Learning Ultra Sultry, Saucy Salsa

There’s a bit of swagger and sassiness associated with saucy salsa dance lessons! This article will give you an insight as to what to expect from this traditional Cuban style dance. -It’s time to loosen up those stiff and squeaky old bones!

Bloch Ballet Shoes – All That You Need to Have a Perfect Ballet Night

Bloch ballet shoes are shoes especially made for ballet dancers. These shoes are designed to meet all the requirements of ballet dance. Therefore, they assure a high comfort level because of their flexibility and support.

How to Measure Yourself For a Leotard

It’s important for your leotard to be formfitting. This allows the audience and teacher to clearly see the intricacy of movement performed by the dancer’s body. We therefore advise you to wear minimal clothing when taking measurements.

Dancing a Dance For The First Time

No matter how well you know the particular dance that you are stepping onto the floor to dance, if you are dancing with this partner for the first time, it is a “new” dance. It can be a wonderful experience or a train wreck! It is the responsibility of the partnership to make the first dance a success, but we must both do our own part.

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