Eteri Tutberidze: “I don’t consider our team or our methods to be harsh or even more so cruel. On a scale of toughness from 0 to 10 I will probably give us 3.”

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Rate your toughness as a coach – on a scale from 1 to 10.

Eteri Tutberidze: I do not consider our team or our methods to be harsh or even more so cruel. Therefore, I will probably give it a rating of 3 out of 10. Because our system still has a kind of advisory character.

Our accumulated experience allows us to see what tasks to give and what plans to build. Any athlete has the right both once and systematically to refuse to complete the task. Well, and the result on the face, fortunately or unfortunately.

[Score] 10 is probably when a coach insists on his assignments. We do not insist. We come, give tasks, and then the athlete … We sometimes have seven athletes on the ice – three of them perform tasks, and four skate in a circle. Simply because they do not feel in good shape.

Here, unfortunately, if this is one workout – well, it’s okay. And if it becomes a system, then it will not work.

Do you have friendly relations with your athletes?

Eteri Tutberidze: No. I keep my distance. If a child wants to talk to me, share secrets – I will do it with pleasure, but still at some distance.

What do you think your dad would say if he saw what his daughter has achieved?

Eteri Tutberidze: He would cry. It would be tears and joy, and pride, and, perhaps, some pain from the fact that the public is not always fair to you – well, as it seems to us, the public is not always fair. You work, work, but in the end there is so much criticism.

How would you describe yourself?

Eteri Tutberidze: I think that I am an antisocial person absolutely. I don’t like society. I don’t like to be in a crowd, I don’t like it – it consumes a lot of energy and I get very tired.

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