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Learning Salsa Dance Steps

Learning salsa dance steps is just the beginning of your journey into a unique style of dancing. Many people believe that salsa came to the world from Cuba via New York. It has elements of Afro-Caribbean and Latin influence in the music and dance steps that are performed in this fast moving dance.

How Hard is it to Learn to Dance?

Be truthful, if you ever watched Dancing With The Stars you have to admit it would be mind blowing to learn to dance like they do. Not to mention it wouldn’t be to shabby to have one of those good looking women or men twirling around the floor with you.

Ballet Shoes and the Perfect Pointe Muscles

Both young and adult ballet beginners wonder when they can dance in pointe shoes. The process of training foot muscles begins in your very first ballet class. Learning accurate ballet technique from day one is your best way to get into pointe shoes faster. Following are a few tips for ballet training.

What to Expect at a Dance Event

There are many opportunities that arise while attending a dance event, competition or cruise. One of the greatest benefits that you will experience is being surrounded by like minded people. People that share your passion and desire to dance, broaden their horizons and increase their skill level and knowledge.

Why is Belly Dancing’s History Controversial?

People in Arab call belly dancing Raks Sharqi, which means “Oriental dance.” According to belly dancing history, layers of colorful clothing with no skin showing were the major costumes of belly dancing. Why is belly dancing history controversial? The name belly dancing was coined during the 1893 Chicago World Fair.

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