“Evergreen” @Yebba skated to by Callista Vojvodich, 2021 American Contemporary Skating Festival

The Beauty of the Waltz

The Waltz originated in Vienna, and became incredibly popular in France during the 17th century. Originally, partners would dance quite far apart, but the Waltz has evolved, and now couples are seen dancing much closer together (this was once thought to be shameful). If you are going to learn how to Waltz, there are a few things you will need, the most important thing being a partner.

Salsa – Not Just For Dipping Your Chips!

The Salsa is a fun and saucy dance. See why its become the favorite of many ballroom dancers.

Basic Ballroom Dance Positions and Steps

Before you learn ballroom dancing, you need to learn the basic dance positions and steps. In this article, I define some of the terminology you might hear and explain what they mean.

Ballroom Dancing For Great Posture!

Having good posture is essential for being a great ballroom dancer. Read these tips for maintaining great posture while dancing.

Tango Your Way to Good Health

Ballroom dancing is such a fun hobby, especially the Tango in particular. But did you know that learning the Tango can actually improve your health? Read this article to see how.

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