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The Art of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is a type of performing art which combines dancing and gymnastics. Sensual pole dancing in which a vertical pole is used is often performed in gentlemen’s and strip clubs. A similar pole called the “Chinese Pole” is used in the cabaret and circus performances. These are done in a non-sensual, non-erotic environment. The context, style and moves of this type of dance are quite different.

Stretching For Ballet and Understanding Myofascial Release

Most dance students understand that you can get more flexible for ballet by stretching your muscles. This is true, muscles can release tension, and be stretched in a safe manner. But many ballet/sports/fitness/cheer leading students and performers do not understand myofascia. Myofascia is a tissue that surrounds and connects your entire body – all the muscle groups and connective tissues from head to toe.

Ballet and Dance Injuries – When and How to Rest

After a dance injury – when do you stop dancing? Right away! I shudder and wince when I talk to a ballet dancer who has injured her/himself and then continued a stretch of performances. Where is the understudy? Where is the teacher? Parent? Who is going to say “stop right now”? It is not brave, “being reliable”, or “being mature” to keep on keeping on in this situation. Sports coaches are adamant about stopping activity with an injured team member. Dancers often do not respond that way.

Tips For Applying Professional Looking Stage Make Up For Dancers

If you have never worn stage make up, then you are going to feel as though you have applied far too much the first time. With stage make up you can go wild. The people that you are performing for will be sitting well away from you, and the make up will make your appearance more flattering, and make you stand out, especially for those people from the middle to the back of the theatre.

Take it Easy!

The reason most people never learn how to dance is because they think it is hard. Shows like Dancing with the Stars, with all the light and sound effects, costumes, sky high eye-lashes and heels, make the average person think “I will never be able to do that!”

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