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Learn the “Washing Machine” – Rotate Your Dance Partner Around Smoothly to Avoid the Agitation Cycle

This article describes how dancers perform the East Coast Swing move called “The Washing Machine.” The distinguishing feature of this move is that it incorporates consecutive rotations that are really fun to perform. Those dancers who have read my manual: “Imperial Swing Dancing,” may recognize that this move, which is similar to “Mexican Hand Turns,” is actually a simplified version of Matt and Crystal Auclair’s signature “Washing Machine” that they incorporate into their routines when they compete at dance events around the country. In the final analysis, there are a lot of fun swing dance moves being taught in St. Louis but I wanted to single out this one as being one of the very best!

Stretching After Exercise For the Long Leg, the Straight Leg

You are a ballet student, in contemporary dance classes, or cheer leading, and you cannot get the straight leg look. You know about stretching after exercise, and you want the long leg, straight leg look. You have learned all the good stretching exercises, yet your knees still look bent. The following tips will help you understand whether you have a structural problem or simply need to know more effective ways to release muscle tension.

Jazz Shoes Are Highly Versatile

Jazz shoes are a highly versatile style of dance shoe. Though they are designed for jazz they are suitable for countless other styles such as rock ‘n’ roll, modern, urban, and many more.

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Tap Shoes

To get the most out of your tap dance classes it’s really important to make sure you choose a suitable pair of tap shoes. Choosing the right pair is slightly different to buying a pair of regular shoes or trainers because there are a few things you need to know so you can ensure you purchase the tap shoes that suit you best.

What Makes a Good Ballet Shoe and Where Do They Originate?

Modern day ballet shoes, sometimes called ballet slippers, are lightweight and designed specifically for ballet dancing. They are designed to provide much needed support for the ballet dancer’s feet, and fit closely to the foot for safety and to allow for optimum flexibility.

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