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Dance Competition Software Acts As an All in One Solution to Competitive Dancing

Regardless of how big the event, dance competition software cuts down stress, takes care of time consuming administrative work and saves you money. A lot is involved in the preparation and management of a dance competition.

Why You Need to Work on Demi Plies in Your Ballet Classes

The demi plie is used in just about all of our ballet steps. In the centre we do transfer of weight with a demi plie. We start and end all of our pirouettes with a demi plie. We start and end all of our steps of elevation with a demi plie. The demi plie is used to protect our knees from getting injured, and also to softens all our landings and gives support and fluidity to all our movements.

The Modern Ceilidh – A Scottish Tradition!

Ceilidh Dancing is a tradition of which every Scotsman is proud, and of late it has become increasingly popular in both Scotland and throughout Europe. Ceilidh bands can now be hired for gigs in pretty much any part of the world, and the very nature of the dance means that it is easily accessible even to those with two left feet.

Dance Teacher – 5 Commonly Overlooked Tips to Becoming a Great Dance Teacher

Are you a dance teacher or are you considering becoming one? If so, here are 5 commonly overlooked tips that will help you go from being just an average instructor to becoming a great dance teacher.

A Higher Developpe – Even the More Flexible Dancers Struggle

How do you get a higher developpe? Understanding what this increase in leg extension depends upon, results in an improved leg position. Focusing on devant (leg to the front) and a la seconde (leg to the side), the following tips, along with dedicated practice, will help you gradually get your developpes higher and higher.

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