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Ballroom Dance – An Unlikely Recipe For Physical Rehabilitation, One Step at a Time

When I saw “Dancing with the Stars” I was curious as to whether I should give ballroom dance a try. I knew there would be limitations with my spine. As I watched the stars dance I saw some things that would not work for me, but I also saw enough that made me say, “Why not?”

3 Easy Steps to Learn Salsa Dance

The word “salsa” in Spanish signifies sauce. Salsa dancing is also identify as slot dancing because couples don’t move around a large ground of the dance floor; as an alternative, they hold on in a more fixed or smaller ground of the floor. So are you prepared to learn Salsa dancing?

Dancing As Exercise

Dance gives us loads of room for self-expression and can be potent in assisting the body and mind to be stimulated. It is all about movement, music, and you. Everyone agrees that dancing is beneficial. It is exercising without “feeling” as you are exercising, it expands cardiovascular and mental health, releasing endorphins while you turn, spin, and easily move.

Dance Sneakers – Comfort and Practicality From Capezio

Capezio is a name brand manufacturer of dance shoes, apparel, and accessories for beginning and professional dancers who require quality materials and competitive prices. Their durable product line has supplied all types of dancers for more than 100 years, and the pride they take in serving their customers makes them a popular choice for merchandise. The Capezio name has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship since 1887, when a young Salvatore Capezio opened a cobbler shop in New York City across from the Metropolitan Opera House.

Ballroom Dancing For Everyone

Ballroom Dancing has never been hotter than it is now since dancing with the celebrities hit the air. Who knew that this show would be such a hit and that it would revive ballroom dancing the way that it has. Ballroom dancing is an infinitely fun thing that you and your partner or a friend can do together. Ballroom dancing is a great alternative to spend a couple of time together away from all of the common daily pressure of life that is what produces ballroom dancing such a fabulous thing to learn.

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