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Ballet Foot Control – Improve Your Footwork

To get better foot control in ballet, special exercises can be learned. These exercises are not ballet exercises, so you will not do them at your ballet barre. You can do them at home, while studying, watching TV, and get through them in just a few minutes a day. These exercises will also teach you about the different parts of your feet, and just how strong they can get.

11 Reasons To Dance for Your Health

Most of us know physical fitness is essential for maintaining great health. Yet too many of us find any excuse we can not to exercise. Who is going to win “Dancing With The Stars,” on TV, a perceived lack of time, or even hating the gym become all-too-easy excuses for skipping exercise. If going to the gym seems like a chore, have you considered dancing for your health?

What Should I Wear to a Bollywood Party?

Saree, the prominent costume choice for most Indian women. There are various ways to wear a 5 to 6 meter Saree and it could be a disaster if you don’t wrap it correctly, Please watch the instructional video on how to wear a Saree. practice a few times at home before your final presentation. In India most women wear a petticoat underneath the Saree but a plain short skirt is also as effective.

The Big Dance World And Professional Ballet Dancing

You are between fifteen and twenty years old and you have suddenly decided that only professional ballet dancing is for you. It is your passion and excludes all else. What are you going to do? Which ballet academy will you choose? Will this dance studio accept you as a serious student? Will you ever dance in pointe shoes? You are in a very vulnerable position right now. You are actually considered to be an adult ballet beginner, even if you just turned fifteen. That seems unfair!

Belly Dance – Fun Exercise

Belly dancing can prove to be boon for those who are looking for new forms of exercise and are already bored with their daily repetitive workout and gymming sessions. Belly dancing tones the arms, strengthens and tightens the abs and obliques, and improves flexibility.

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