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Capezio – A Fantastic History

When performing a dance, impressing the audience is one of the main objectives, and the clothes you wear will play a significant role in this. This is why for most dancers, knowing that the dancewear they own is good quality is highly important no matter what their ability. One of the most recognised dancewear brands for producing high quality dancewear is called Capezio. Dancewear made by this worldwide company has been worn by dancers ranging from novices, to stars such as Michael Jackson for over 100 years. However, it’s beginnings were very humble.

Improving Your Musicality and Timing to Be a Better Partner Dancer

Timing is an important part of musicality in partner dancing. Methods to improve your timing will make you a better dancer when partner dancing.

Useful Tips for Salsa Beginners and Improvers

Learning salsa can be a challenging activity because it is relatively technical and all done in close proximity to the opposite sex (so all your inadequacies are laid bare). With that in mind here are some useful tips for salsa beginners and improvers.

Jazz Shoes – Interesting Facts

Jazz dancing is increasing in popularity as it’s an exciting and fun style of dance to take part in. If you’ve recently started jazz classes, then you will no doubt already own a pair of jazz shoes. If not, then you should go out and buy a pair as they’re really important for you to successfully and safely execute all the spins, twists, jumps and turns required by jazz dancing.

Jazz Dancing Is Good Fun and Good For Your Health

Modern Jazz dance is an exciting form of dance which is both influenced by and influences many other styles such as ballet, contemporary and lyrical to mention just a few. Rooted in Caribbean traditional dance, it consists of a complex series of spins, twists and turns, and is constantly evolving. If you’re looking for a particular style of dance to take part in, jazz dancing is both great fun and also excellent for your health!

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