Ginevra Lavinia Negrello (ITA) Women Short Program | Courchevel 2 – 2021

Belly Dancing in Cairo

Belly dancing has become more and more popular as it has been shown to the entire world through videos and traveling dancers. It seems that everyone wants to learn this exotic dance style. If you would like to see where belly dancing originated you should check out the dancers of Cairo Egypt.

Bored With Your Old Workout? Try Ballet

If you’re bored with your old workout routine, try something new. Have you ever considered taking ballet? Not only is ballet a beautiful art form, but it is also an amazing workout, working everything from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Learning to Dance – It’s Never Too Late

Dancing is one of the greatest ways to have fun and get some exercise all at the same time. But many people go through life avoiding experiences where they would be expected to dance because of a fear of dancing badly. These individuals shy away from joyous occasions such as weddings and birthday parties because they would not like to look awkward if someone wanted to dance with them.

How to Get the Most From Dance Lessons

Are you tired of feeling as if you have two left feet when you are dancing with your significant other or friends? Or are you too afraid to dance because you are afraid that you will look silly or uncoordinated? There is a simple way to get over these feelings.

How Can I Improve the Basics of My Ballet Training Without a Professional Ballet School?

How to improve the basics of ballet training can be done with the help of professional technique manuals. A student cannot train in pointe shoes without an experienced teacher. However, there are currently several good sources of basic ballet technique in text, photo and DVD form. The finer details of posture, turnout and placement can be understood and learned. Stretching safely can produce great improvement, whether or not you end up doing the splits.

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