Goodbye Amy and Joe! They leave the competition in Love Week 💔 | Dancing on Ice 2021

Lady alicia and brendan and amy and joe have done all they can. But one couple i will stay for the other. It’s, the end of the road it’s decision time. Our judges will each give us the name of the couple they want to save.

In the event of a tie. This week’s head judge, chris will have the casting vote so ashley coming to you. First, based on the skate-off from the skate off alone, who do you want to save and why? Oh, this one’s? Tough um, both of you guys, literally skated and performed so much energy and passion in the skate off i genuinely enjoyed both of them.

So the factor that i had to put it down to in the end was just stripped back solo skating, who did more and for that reason i’m, going to save lady alicia and brent one vote for lady alicia john again.

This is a really tough decision, because we’re, a point in the competition everybody’s, pushing up to the same level um. I’m, basing my decision on the most skating on the ice as an individual and therefore i am saving brendan and lady alicia.

That’s, two votes for lady alicia jane well. This is a tough one. Um. Both of you gave great performances, um again going back to the skating and saving lady alicia and brandon. So we can see what ‘

S happened lately and brendan. You are skating next week well done to you um chris, were you in agreement there? I was in absolute agreement: yes, clean sweep clean sweep tonight, really strong performances from both of them.

They have both had different strengths um, but tonight it was lady alicia’s night. All right well done, ladies, and go and join your friends, and you too amy, listen in the short time that we’ve. Had you, you’ve, been an absolute joy to watch.

You came into this competition late and you literally hit the ground running didn’t you and you’ve loved it. I’ve had the best time and so thankful to mitchell yeah honey. No, nothing’s over he’s been the best partner.

Ever you’ve got such a brilliant friendship and partnership. It’s uh, which has been you know, sort of shining for everyone to see. So we’ll, really miss you both but sir. Thank you. Thank you very much go and take your lap of honor guys let’s, hear it one final time for amy and joe.

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