Guest Star James Morrison | Anastasia Mishina & Alexander Galliamov (RUS) | ISU Skating Awards 2021

Are You Sitting on the Dance Floor Sidelines?

Dancers’ do you find yourself sitting on the sidelines watching others dance? If so, there is only one sure fire way to resolve this problem. Get up, walk over to another dancer and ask them to dance. Chances are that they will lead you directly to the dance floor.

Ballet Bar Or Portable Ballet Bar – Selections to Take

A barre is a material that is very important for dancers. All dancers, no matter how experienced or proficient, take daily class to keep their bodies strong and flexible. There is also ballet class who teaches students in various ways. They usually begin with exercises with a barre; this is a round horizontal bar that the dancer holds onto for support.

Four Tips For Proper Salsa Shoes

You have a lot of gorgeous shoes to choose from for Salsa. Shoes that are beautiful, sexy, and functional all rolled up into one tidy package of leather, suede, and stitching. These four tips will help you choose the perfect pair of dance shoes and keep them like new for years.

Freestyle Dance – Find Out How to Express Yourself in Dance

Are you sick of being a wallflower? If you learned how to dance, you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Freestyle dance is a wonderful way of expressing yourself.

Learn to Breakdance For Beginners – 5 Tips!

Breakdancing is one of the most challenging and exciting things you could ever do! There are just so many moves and styles that no two breakers ever look the same!

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