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Yoga Is a Must For All Dancers

If you are looking for ways to improve as a dancer, developing a regular yoga practice should be a the top of your list. Out of the countless benefits, here is a list of the top five: 1. Injuries are less likely to happen. Dance is physically demanding in a way that many other physical pursuits are not. Dancers are required to move their bodies in ways that are counterintuitive and likely to put stress on joints and the spine. Any dancer will benefit from maintaining maximum flexibility and strength.

Discover How To Learn Salsa Effectively

Many beginners ask me how to learn salsa. The question that beginners should really be asking is how do I learn salsa effectively?  There are absolutely loads of salsa resources both online and offline that will eventually teach you how to learn salsa if you show some persistance and are prepared to almost ‘study’ the art of salsa.

Scottish Country Dancing – You Can Do It!

If you love Scotland… you will love Scottish Country Dancing and I can help you get started. I have seen really good information on the history of Scottish Country Dancing, descriptions and related information on Squidoo and Wikipedia. My focus, however, is to help you get ready to start dancing… join that class, or progress quickly and painlessly with a few tips and tricks that will make the experience more fun and a lot easier. I am NOT an expert or an authority, but I do love Scottish dancing and want you help you love it, too.

Basic Ballet Bar Stretching For Flexibility

Ballet is a theatrical dance that requires both skill and heart to execute the movements and positions properly and to execute the dance with elegance. This article will teach you some of the basic ballet positions you can do with the ballet bar to improve your flexibility and body control and coordination.

Interested in Taking a Salsa Class? Here Are Some Latin Styles of Dance Explained

Are you interested in the similarities and differences between Flamenco, Salsa, and Tango dancing? This article is a great basis for the popular styles of dance in the USA.

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