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Ballet Dancing and Rond De Jambe

When a ballet dancer performs a rond de jambe a terre, she will draw a semi circle on the ground with her leg and foot fully stretched. The movement should come from the hip socket and in this way help to develop the dancer’s turn out. The start of this exercise can be from first or fifth position of the feet. It is imperative that the dancer has good lift in the body, and the hips remain controlled through out.

Dancing the Cha Cha Or Marking Time?

In me something scary and wonderful is always turning stiffness into a dance… it is the fire of life! That essential fire is immeasurable. It gives us spirit and drive! As we get older, we all worry about wrinkles.

Ballet Dancing and How Natalia Bessmertnova Started Out!

Russian ballet dancing owes a lot to Natalia Bessmertnova. She was born in Moscow on the 19th of July 1941. At that time Russia was deep in the war against Nazi Germany, and 1941 was a particularly hard year. Natalia was taken to the safety of Leninabad in Central Asia soon after she was born, while her father had to serve as a doctor for the soldiers of war.

Using Mime For Your Ballet Dancing

Mime is a very important part of Ballet Dancing and Ballet Dancing History. As ballet dancing has no words and everything is expressed with the body, mime is used a great deal to convey the story to the audience. In the earliest ballets, mime was used to tell the story in between the dance sequences. Then gradually important choreographers such as Dauberval began to break away from this tradition and found ways of carrying the story on through dancing and more natural much less stylized gestures.

The Basic Positions of the Feet For Ballet Dancing

Today we will concentrate on the basic positions of the feet in ballet dancing. These positions are the foundation positions from which you will always start or end a step or series of steps in your ballet dancing. The basic positions of the feet are all turned out positions and I will put some pictures of these positions onto my blog so that you can understand them better.

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