Hailey YU / Brendan GIANG (CAN) Ice Dance Free Dance | Courchevel 1 – 2021

Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood dances have gone through several modes and influences. This also relates to the type of films and changes that is influenced by the new age directors. There is more to the nuances and groove in the dance style as it is reflective about refreshing steps and ideas.

Improving Basic Ballet Positions For Ballet Split Leaps

What ballet movements and ballet positions will result in clean accurate split leaps? The first exercise at the ballet barre, demi and grand plie, your posture, the placement of your weight and the strength of your turnout, is the foundation of your ballet positions and ballet movements. Your split leaps, and even fancier allegro depends on it.

Ballroom Dance Instructions – Using Video Ballroom Dance Instructions to Save Time and Money

Ballroom dance instructions using a live instructor can often cost thousands to learn the steps of various ballroom dances. Similarly, using printed instructions will cost you a huge amount of time as they are often unclear, and very difficult to follow. Many folks have found that using printed instructions also lead to no actual learning at all. However, using videos is a cost and time effective solution to learning how to ballroom dance.

Standing Ballet Bar – The Next Step in the Ballet Career

Ballet is and can be a tough and incredibly demanding pastime requiring an exceptional level of skill, personal fitness and suppleness which can only ever be acquired through a dedicated and long term regime of drill and practice. Ideally, as the confidence and physical ability of the aspiring dancer develops and grows, they will be able to move onto more challenging roles and tasks, and be more confident in their routines.

Wood Ballet Bar – The Right Choice of Material?

Given the critical effect the ballet bar has on the success of any dancer’s routine (and if we are to be totally pragmatic their career as well) it is vital that due diligence is carried out in order to ensure that we only ever choose the most suitable products. It is simply not good enough to arbitrarily choose the first product that we happen to stumble upon, although this is an understandable sin given how many different suppliers and traders there are all offering ballet bars. The consumer is faced with an …

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