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Ballet Christmas Presents – Start Your Shopping List Now!

For those who have ballerinas and men in ballet in their lives, there are ideas for ballet Christmas presents that go beyond new leotards, books and movies. Though, I am sure those items would be well received, the following shopping tips may help you choose (or ask for) a slightly different but relevant holiday dance gift.

Learning to Dance is All the Rage With Dance DVD’s

You’ve seen all the latest dance shows on TV, and you cheered on your favorite celebrity as they take the floor to maybe make a complete fool of themselves right? So now you are inspired to dance yourself, but have you ever thought about dance DVD’s first?

An Introduction to Ballet Dance Shoes

Ballet as a performance art developed in the 17th Century courts of King Louis XIV in France, and ballet dance shoes were inspired by the original high heels the king wore for such early performances. The primitive models had uppers made from fine fabrics like damask and silk, and simple leather soles.

Tap Dancewear – What You Should Know Before You Buy!

This article covers all of the options dance parents have for finding appropriate tap dancewear for their little dancers. The tips in this article also applys to older dancers who need to buy clothing for tap class.

Five Winning Steps For Your Dance Studio Brochures

What steps can you take for your custom brochures for new applicants to come dancing in and take classes? Of course you have to cover the basics, but like every dance form, you have to execute it with style.

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