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Salsa Dancing – A Beginner’s Perspective

As a complete beginner, with no other dancing experience I was more than a little apprehensive when a friend of mine suggested that I try Salsa Dancing to help me raise my rather flagging spirits. Being in a rut and really needing to change my life I decided to give it a go. This article is about my first experiences.

A Dance Partner at Last!

This article points out a few important aspects to consider when choosing a prospective ballroom dance partner. Whether you are a beginner on the dance floor or a seasoned dance enthusiast, choosing the correct dance partner will prove detrimental to your dancing career.

Salsa Instructor 101 – Tips For Being a Better Dance Teacher

So You Think You Can Be A Salsa Instructor? Well let me tell you..You can! If you have the dedication, passion, time, and necessary investment then you are on your way. But those things are just prerequisites. Being a GOOD teacher requires much more and we have some tips to strengthen your teacher status. For the fresh-out-the-box or the seasoned veteran, these tips will remind all teachers what it’s all about.

Basic Ballroom Dancing Moves

Are you ready to bring out those dancing shoes? Not so fast. Before hitting the dance floor it is important to learn basic ballroom dancing moves and familiarize yourself with commonly used dance terms.

How to Dance – Turns and Spins Series – Inside Swivels

Turns and spins are fun to do; however, they require some specific skills. You must first become aware of the different types of turns and the most common problems you might encounter. Then you are ready to start your adventure in turns.

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