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A Woman’s Guide to Tango Shoes

Buying your first pair of Argentine tango shoes can be confusing because of the myriad of suppliers and styles available to choose from. Or it could be seen as an adventure, depending on your love of shoes and dancing.

Ballet Training – The Elements of Ballet Dance

In this article you’ll learn about the elements of a dance for ballet. This article is a must read.

Improve Your Social Competence by Learning to Dance Argentine Tango

If you don’t know anything about Argentine Tango apart of the tons of cliches which many people have in their minds, you really might ask yourself “What the heck is that guy talking about?” Just give me a minute and I will explain.

Ballet Bar – Perfect Supply to Practice Ballet Dance!

Everyone knows that ballet dance is one of the most adorable dances in western countries. The reason that why this it is too much famous is because it is the toughest one as compare to other dance types.

Choosing the Right Ballet Dancing School

People start ballet dancing for many different reasons. Some because Mom wants it, some because they get referred by a doctor and others because they are passionate about it or simply just enjoy movement to music. Whatever your reasons, finding the right school will make all the difference to your ballet dancing experience.

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