Ian VAUCLIN ( FRA) Men Short Program | Courchevel 1 – 2021

What is Contra Dancing?

You may have heard the term contra dancing out there, but not really know what it is. This article will introduce contra dancing to you.

The 80’s Dance Moves Make a Return

The 80’s were definitely a great time out there. Today the dance moves of that era are making a come back. This article will let you know what is happening.

Line Dancing is Fun For All Ages

There are many types of dance out there. Line dancing is one of them that is fun for all ages. This article will introduce this kind of dance.

Top 100 Salsa Dance Songs – A Dancer’s Perspective (Part I)

When it comes to pleasing the dancers, you need to play the top 100 salsa dance songs. But, what are they and who decides what the top 100 salsa dance songs are? That is a question that many salsa DJs have pondered, when trying to play the top 100 salsa dance songs for their audience.

Capezio Pointe Ballet Shoes Are Top of the Range

Given that dancing is one of the most popular methods of staying fit and healthy, ever more important given the rise in concerns over people gaining weight, there has been an extra interest in the range of clothing and footwear products that are available for any budding dancer to choose from. With so many different dancing styles available, not every product is going to be right for every style of dancer which means that it is important to choose the products that will provide you with the comfort and support you require to dance at your best.

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