Ice Dance Rewind Episode 2

Dance for Romance

Romance is a human endeavor that is always seeking fulfillment. it can bring us tremendous joy or devastating pain. Most of us feel the joy, but some will suffer pain from their Romantic Relationship. We generally hate to be alone in a world of unpredictable events, so we consciously or unconsciously seek a partner who we hope can bring us comfort and pleasure.

Ballroom Dance Lessons: Are You Interested?

Ballroom dance lessons are a great way to get in a workout in and enjoyable way. If you aren’t bringing a partner to ballroom dance lessons, you have an opportunity to meet someone with a similar interest.

Dance Lesson Teaches Proper Breathing Techniques

A dance lesson should help students learn the proper breathing techniques. This is important for the proper execution of a dance.

Salsa Class: Different Levels of Salsa Classes

A salsa class will vary depending on the student’s skills. Not all salsa classes are created equal.

Salsa Classes: Different Kinds of Salsa Classes

Salsa classes vary. Dance studios or schools offer different salsa classes to cater to various skill levels.

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