Ice Dance Trivia Challenge

21st Century Dance – From Flash Mobs to Tap Dancing

There a number of dancing styles that is accompanied with or without music, some are collaborative and indeed the accompanying sounds are produced by the participants. Dance has in certain cultures been thought of as an art form, whilst others tend to associate it to a physical workout or view it as part of a ceremony. Whatever perspective it has been viewed from, dance has formed an important aspect of different cultures since the earliest recorded activities of human civilization – forming integral parts of ceremony, rituals, celebration or general entertainment.

Pointe Shoe Pain and The Risk of Ballet Injury

Do you still experience pointe shoe pain? In a perfect world, you have learned about pointe shoe sizing, found exactly the right fit, have sewn your ribbons on properly, and were shown how to break in your pointe shoes. You started training when you were ten years old, worked up to three classes a week and started training in toe shoes somewhere between the age of twelve and thirteen. You have the perfect gel pads, toe spacers, toe lengths padding, and your dance studio has sprung floors.

Salsa Dance Class Develops Passion for Learning in the Young

Salsa dance class can help inculcate passion for learning in a young child. This is a great learning opportunity for youths which enhances their creative side.

Dance Lesson: Selecting the Best Dance Teacher

A dance lesson supervised by a highly skilled teacher can help a student improve immensely. The teacher is a huge part of the student’s success.

Salsa Dance Lesson Provides Various Emotional Benefits

A salsa dance lesson can reap more than just physical benefits for the dancer. It helps develop emotional aspects too.

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