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Ballet Bar Height – Setting it Right the First Time

The ballet bar is an integral part of any dance studio and is a prized asset for any dancer, as it is vital in order to develop the requisite amounts of balance, muscle strength and flexibility of the ligaments which a competent ballet dancer will invariably require before engaging in any sort of grueling regime or dance routine. The ballet bar is used to provide the dancer with the necessary support and stability, in order to balance them prior to the dancer straining the lower part of their body.

A Worry That Forcing the Splits Or Dancing in Pointe Shoes Can Damage Growth Plates

In ballet, the common injuries such as sprained ankles or knee injuries, will more likely be torn tendons, muscles or ligaments. Starting with the splits, is there an impact on the hip bones that could damage growth plates? If young children practice vigorous or unsupervised stretching to do the splits, what is likely to be injured, if anything?

Mounted Ballet Bar – How to Ensure Maximum Stability

A ballet bar is a vital piece of equipment for any aspiring ballet dancer as it the bar will provide the necessary support for the dancer to carefully practice their exercises before they continue with their dance routine. The ballet bar then is the working tool of the ballet dancer, much like the chisel and gauge is for the operative mason, or the hammer and wood for the carpenter and therefore it is essential that a degree of care is exercised when purchasing a mounted ballet bar in order to ensure that you are buying a …

Portable Ballet Bars – Practice Always on the Move

The major advantages that portable ballet bars offer in comparison to their stationary counterparts is quite evident, for the truly committed who want to hone their skills, they can exercise just about anywhere. From a logistics point of view, a portable bar is an attractive option because it allows people to exercise and practice ballet without having to set aside a room within their home specifically for that purpose.

Mounted Ballet Bars – Using and Installing Them Correctly

The mounted ballet bars are without a shadow of doubt the singularly most vital piece of equipment for any ballet dancer regardless of their level of experience, skill, talent or proficiency as it is not only responsible for the development of the various muscles required to carry out ballet dancing, but will also directly prevent an injury being sustained. Before you make a purchase for a ballet bar however, it is essential that you carry out some preparation work beforehand in order to ensure that you have the correct measurements and dimensions. The last thing you …

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