I Want to Be a Ballerina – But I Need More Time at the Ballet Academy

Finding a way to balance school requirements and the time needed at the ballet academy is frustrating for many young ballerinas and boys in ballet. Parents worry if grades drop and use dance classes as currency for academic improvement. What are the alternatives for getting a good education and still putting the time into classical dance training?

How Can I Improve My Ballet Technique?

To improve ballet technique, it takes time and patience. Do not let that put you off though; it can be a lot of fun. With the right tools at your disposal, you will enjoy every moment of the way.

Discount Dance Wear Means Everyone Can Join In

It is impossible to pick up a newspaper or watch a news show without being informed of job losses or financial crisis taking place. The world is experiencing a recession and this means that many people are looking to change their spending behaviour and anything that can be done to lower the money they spend is deemed to be a good thing. It should also be taken into account that people are not willing to give up all of their fun and entertainment, which means that they are looking for cheaper and alternative ways to have fun.

A Ballet Workout DVD Review – Is Fitness Dancing Effective?

There are quite a few Ballet workout DVDs hitting the market right now, along with a wide variety of DVDs focused on a variety of other dance forms. When there are hundreds of other workouts on the market as well, why would anyone go with Ballet? Benefits of Fitness Dance DVDs Workouts based on any form of dance have a great advantage over any other type of workout simply because they are fun.

How to Improve at Ballet – Define Your Weaknesses

The elegant art of ballet has a mechanical side to every position and movement. Understanding anatomy and which muscles create the movement you want, helps you enormously in knowing how to improve at ballet. You can learn to define your weaknesses in an impersonal way. Sometimes your weakness in ballet technique comes from just not knowing how your muscles work.

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