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5 Helpful Tips to Help You Become an Effective Dance Instructor

Are you a dancer who is interested in becoming a dance instructor? Making the switch from dance performer to dance instructor may be a bit daunting at first. There are several simple tips to keep in mind while making the switch that will make your transition much easier for you and help you become a great teacher overnight.

Important Aspects Of A Lead Dancers Tango Shoes – The Heel

The heel of a lead dancers tango shoes are often overlooked. To keep your risk of ankle injuries low, pay close attention to the heel, using this guide.

Ballet Exercises For Turnout – Understanding the Hip Joints

Ballet exercises done at the barre are all intended to improve strength for turnout. Most dance students want to INCREASE turnout, yet many do not understand the hip joints, or which muscles rotate the thighs to hold it well. Another factor in the success of you using your turnout is the correct posture of the pelvis. Tilting the pelvis either forward or back, compromises the surrounding muscles.

What is the Best Age to Start Pointe?

Many parents and students are unsure on the development of pointe work. What is the best age to start pointe? Is it a matter of preparation or is going en pointe a talent that cannot be duplicated? Read more on how as a parent, you can guide your daughter in her dancing progress to pointe.

The Legacy of Jules Leotard

When Leotard first put on his one-piece skin-tight garment that he called his maillot, he was unaware of the legacy he would create. Several years after his death, this garment became known as the leotard. Today, it continues to be worn by millions of dancers of all disciplines and abilities from around the world.

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