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How You Can Keep Fit By Dancing

Staying fit has been associated with all sorts of negative things. When one thinks of losing weight to reach the standard recommended weight, they will always think about dieting, or strenuous body exercises. These activities are quite boring especially when they have to be repeated in a routine.

The New School Dance

You must have heard of popping, locking and dropping, well, that is the popular Old School dance styles, which made waves back in the early seventies. However, with changing times, people moved on to much more energetic and free dancing style, named as Hip Hop, which was considered to be the New School counterpart. With fewer movements on the floor, this style became popular with routines like c-walk, etc.

Bloch Jazz Shoes Are Exceptional

Bloch is a very established dance wear company that has been manufacturing dance shoes for nearly eighty years. The company was founded by Jacob Bloch who began making shoes by hand in his workshop after emigrating from Europe. He began my making high quality pointe shoes but over the years the company he formed branched out into making many types of dance shoes including jazz shoes.

What Are Jazz Shoes?

For any jazz dancer, wearing a comfortable pair of jazz shoes that enables them to give their best possible performance is very important. However, before we can fully explore what a jazz shoe is, we must first take a look at the art of jazz dancing itself.

Jazz Shoes – Fashion or Function?

Dancing is all about looking great and when buying a new pair of jazz shoes you’ll want to make sure that they match the rest of your outfit. They come in a wide variety of styles such as high-rise, low-rise, slip on, lace ups, split sole, full sole, mesh insoles, PVC upper, leather upper and the list really does go on. They’re also available in a range of different colours which are great if you want your shoes to grab people’s attention.

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