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What is Ribbon Dancing And How Do I Ribbon Dance?

Ribbon Dancing is a sport that combines dance and gymnastics. The beautiful form is not only competitive but used by color guards throughout the country.

In Each Other’s Arms – A Dance Partnership

The first thing most of us are taught about partner dancing are the steps. But even in the very expression “partner dancing,” the word “partner” comes before dancing! But what is all too often missing in partner dancing is the relationship between partners.

Ballroom Dancing – The Viennese Waltz and the Quick Step

The Viennese Waltz which was derived from the Austrian Landler is an elegant hasty, whirling dance where the partners hold each other as if in a romantic embrace. This raised greater than a few eyebrows of polite society. The increase in popularity of the Viennese Waltz, like the standard waltz, can at least in part be contributed to the music of Johann Strauss and toVienna’s famous ballrooms. As with the common waltz the music can be either vocal or instrumental and can be classical, country, or even rock.

Music For Ballroom Dancing

When you consider ballroom dancing, you probably consider slow music being played by a violin. Hundreds of years ago, your options would have been very accurate. Ballroom dancing was originally carried out to acoustic guitars, violins, and cellos. This type of music was proper at the time, as most ballroom dances were slow and very precise. However, as time passed and ballroom dancing gained popularity, the music changed right along with the dances.

Get in Shape With Ballroom Dancing

Nearly everyone got caught up in the dance craze by watching “Dancing with the Stars” this past season. There is just something about the music, the dances, the level of competition, and the sarcastic responses from the judges.

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