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Salsa – A Social, Fun and Cheap Night Out!

Do you live in Adelaide? Want to get out of the house and do something fun on a Friday night without having to spend too much money? Then why not try taking a salsa dance class? You can take a salsa dance class for as little as $3!

Discover the Rhumba Dance – It’s Easy, Fun, and Romantic!

Getting started in a new dance style can be tricky, but also fun! Whether or not your familiar with other slow dances like the Salsa, rhumba is great. It’s also got a romantic side to it that will be very interesting to beginners.

Salsa Dance Videos and Dance DVDs – Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Learning to Dance at Home

Five tips for getting the most out of using, purchasing, and viewing dance instructional videos and DVDs at home. Tips for learning to dance at home, or in front of your TV or computer.

The Ultimate in Jazz Shoes

Capezio jazz shoes offer the ultimate quality and looks. They come in various styles that will accommodate the most discerning dancer. Each pair is lightweight with excellent traction to give good control while dancing.

Learning to Line Dance is Not Always Easy – Do Not Give Up

At some stage we all compare ourselves with others and it is no different when we are learning to line dance. Some adults have danced since they could walk – or before. Some have great balance, others great memory, and others again were born with great co-ordination. For the lucky few line dancing is effortless and natural while most of us seem to have 2 left feet, to some degree, and struggle to get the steps and keep up (especially in the beginning).

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