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History of Chinese Dancing

Chinese dancing has association with the martial arts and Chinese Opera in the ancient times. Many traditional dances are preserved and still being performed at the Chinese Opera.

Quick Step Dancing

Quickstep dancing is a ballroom dance that is fun and easy to learn. Quick step dance is a suitable for people that are looking for a dance that can help them to workout the body. Every year, there are several quick step competitions that are held in different countries including the Quick Step Toronto Competition, and UK Open competition.

Brazilian Dancing

Brazilian dancing contains many elements that are derived from Africa, and Portugal. The Brazilian dancing is performed along with a partner. There are many types of Brazilian dance including samba, carimbo, and forro. The samba dance is a rhythmical dance that is performed since the 1800s. The Samba dance consists of a series of steps. The Samba no pe requires the dancers to bend the knee while keeping the body straight.

Native American Dancing

The Native American dancing was devised by the Native American that lives in the United States. Though not many people know about the Native American dancing, they are a rich part of the cultural history.

Ballet Dancing – An Overview

Ballet Dancing was invented during the Renaissance period in the 1600s. Ballet Dancing was originally developed in Italy. After that, it was spread to other countries such as France, and England.

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