In The Spotlight: Sara Hurtado & Kiril Khaliavin (ESP) | #FigureSkating

Dancing in an Internet Age!

Online training has gotten its firm footing with reference to dance lessons. Music lessons work just like dance lessons.

How to Ask a Lady For a Salsa Dance!

The first time a saw a couple dance salsa in a club I was totally overwhelmed by the beauty and passion that the couple was showing through their dance. One of the first thing in my mind was” WOW I really like to dance like that.”

Ballet Bar Or Portable Ballet Bar – Which One?

Ballet is a form of theatrical dance that began during the Renaissance period. As time goes by, techniques have evolved, which consists of stylized moves and position that have been elaborated now and then. Ballet is not easy if you do not have the ideal company for practice. Likewise, a ballet bar is a perfect partner which is very important for dancers to have to maintain their fitness and figure.

Taking a Look at Men’s Ballet Costume Choices

If you are looking to some real style when it comes to a men’s ballet costume, you will want to know more about material used and patterns created. Ballet did not always have men’s ballet costume choices.

The Benefits of Dancing

If you thought your dancing days were far behind you, think again! You are never too old to get your groove on and shake your thang!

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