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Ballroom Dance Instruction – How to Become a Good Follower on the Dance Floor

To experience a great dance partnership, it is just as important to develop following skills as it is to develop leading skills. Therefore the myth: “All I need is a good leader, and I can follow anything” – is only partly true.

Ballroom Dancing – The Perfect Exercise!

As a photographer and a very stressed person, I found a type of exercise which is both fun, and truly burns down the calories. A perfect way to stay happy and healthy!

So You Want to Learn Ballroom Dancing? Here’s Some Tips to Get You Started!

Alright! You’ve finally decided to go out and learn something new, and taking ballroom dancing lessons is what you have chosen. Learn how to get started here.

Locking Dance DVD Or Lessons With a Teacher

Is it better to learn locking from a locking tutorial dance DVD or by taking lessons with a real teacher? Find out what you can expect from each.

Importance of Ballet Bars For Ballet Dancers

Ballet bars are used extensively by ballet dancers all over the world while performing ballet and while doing the exercises sessions for dancing. These bars are essential for live performances as well as routine exercises. Ballet dancing requires a lot of postures and positions of act. Ballet bars are very useful for right acts and postures that ballet dancers adopt during their performance. The stretching during performance also depends on bars. This makes the bars most essential and unavoidable equipment for great ballet dancing experiences.

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