Isabella Flores / Dimitry Tsarevski USA Ice Dance Rhythm Dance | Courchevel  2 – 2021

Competition Dancewear

In competitive dance, the primary focus is to dance and win. During competition, dancers perform in front of judges who evaluate their efforts and rank them. The ranks awarded by different judges are combined into a final ranking, and medals or trophies are awarded accordingly. In order to totally impress a judge, not only is your performance important, but also what you wear.

Dancewear Stores

Finding a good dancewear store is not as easy as it sounds. Some shops are too large and carry too many products making your purchasing decisions difficult. Others are too small and don’t carry the brands that you are looking for.


Dancewear is clothing and accessories that dancers and dancing students wear to practice and perform. These include leotards and unitards, tights, tutus, cardigans, legwarmers, slippers, pointe shoes, shoes; tap shoes, dance belts and more.

Dancewear Accessories

Dancewear accessories include dance bags, dance footwear, dance jewelry, dance legwarmers and other accessories. Other accessories can include, dance books, calendars, note cards, hairpins, bun covers, posters, t-shirts and gift certificates. Notable manufacturers of dancewear accessories are Bloch, Danskin, KD Dance (KD Dids), Leo’s Dancewear, Grishko, Sansha, and many others.

10 Ways to Become a Better Dancer

Whether you just want to get into dancing, or need some inspiration and constant motivation, here’s some useful advice that will help you improve your skills over a long-term period.

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