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Find the Right Dance Shoe For the Right Class

There are as many different kinds of dance shoes as there are types of dance. Some can cross several boundaries, some cannot. The key to being apt at your craft is having the right equipment – the right dance shoe – for your style and preferences.

Improving Ankle Strength and Flexibility For Dance Class

Improving Ankle strength and stability for dance class Whether you are in a ballet class doing multiple releves, or modern class with an off center balance or jazz or ballroom dance – ankle stability and strength is essential. Practice the following 2 tips and improve your balance and ankle strength! First start by practicing balancing on one foot (in parallel and in turnout) while turning your head and doing simple arm movements.

Spanish Youth Take Over Flamenco

Young Spanish people are in the process of taking over flamenco dance, singing and guitar playing and making significant changes; some would say for the better while others are throwing up their hands in despair. Anyone who remembers the “good old bad old days” may have a less than gratifying memory of a typical “made in Spain” Spanish flamenco show with usually a male dancer in a rather too tight costume stomping about for all his worth to impress a female flamenco dancer in a rather loud dress and with a smile showing more teeth…

Don’t Wear Ballet Shoes in a Zumba Session

I wore my ballet shoes to Zumba class. It was a beginner’s mistake but I absolutely loved my first Zumba class anyway.

Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop dancing is seen in many music videos as well as dance clubs across the globe. Read on to learn about a few of the many styles.

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