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Why and How You Need to Warm Up Your Body Before Dancing – Part 1

Every dance class and even every workout class should be preceded by a methodical and progressive warm up. This is an essential first step to any exercise routine to get your blood flowing. Warm up also warms, energizers and coordinates your muscles so they can work efficiently without stress or strain. A warm up will also raise your core temperature, as well as gently awaken and invigorate your body, while preparing it for the movements ahead.

My Zumba Shoes Fit My Feet Perfectly

I had no idea that I needed new shoes for zumba class. I have been dancing to the zumba beat for almost a year now in a couple different pairs of sneakers that I have had for quite some time. I didn’t think that having a new pair of shoes was really going to make any sort of difference. I could not have been any more wrong.

Ballet Positions – Tips and Tricks

Ballet dancing is one of the most beautiful forms of art out there, it combines the supreme grandeur of classical music with exhilarating and graceful dance moves that will make even the coldest viewer rise up and clap. But behind this very old art form, there is a lot of hard working. The difficulty of ballet positions and ballet steps puts a continuous strain on the body and mind.

Ballet Dancing Tips

Ballet dancing is a graceful form art that has been around for hundreds of years. It first appeared at the end of the fifteenth century and it quickly became popular the court of King Louis XIV in the seventeenth century.

Easy Ballet Moves Secrets Revealed

Ballet dancing is a form of art that has been around from the times of King Louis XIV, it has been perfected through the ages and is now considered one of the most beautiful and classy dance forms in the world. It has made names like the Danish Royal Ballet or the American Ballet Theatre famous around the world. The fluid graceful ballet moves of the ballerinas have captured the hearts of millions worldwide and have created passions in the hearts of children and elders alike.

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