It’s a Donna Summer kind of Summer! (Triple Lutz, Junior Short Program by Sofia Frank)

History of Ballroom Dancing

Until recently, the majority of people haven’t thought much of ballroom dancing. It has in a very short space of time become a popular worldwide hobby, thanks to the media bringing it back into the spotlight with shows like “Dancing with the Stars.” It wasn’t long after the first season that the dance craze soon swept over the US, with increasing numbers of people selecting to learn to dance. Nonetheless, ballroom dancing is certainly famous and has quite a broad background.

Musicality in Your Ballet Dancing

Music provides the fundamental pulse in your ballet dancing, as is proven in some of the more modern dance classes where there is just a drum beat going. But even a lone drumbeat can tell you the quality and the character of the dance steps that you are supposed to be doing. When melody and harmony join rhythm and tempo, music gives even more guidance to the ballet dancer.

Why Cowboys Love to Country Line Dance

If you’re old enough to remember the movie Urban Cowboy then you’re old enough to remember when men did not dance by themselves or in men only groups. Unlike today’s youth who have no problem hitting the dance floor by themselves, men of a certain age and background simply do not strut their stuff on the dance floor without a partner.

Media Coverage of Ballroom Dancing

Until recently, ballroom dancing was not looked upon as a fashionable American leisure pursuit. As a matter of fact, the majority of people considered it as something best left to the older generation or the wealthy. Although ballroom dancing has existed for centuries in countries all around the world, it wasn’t until the media took an interest in it that it began to spend away from. Now, ballroom dancing has grown in popularity, encouraging more people to take an interest in the fine art of ballroom dancing.

The History of the Pointe Shoe in Ballet Dancing

Dancing on pointe is a relatively new and ongoing development. Technology and advancement on the pointe shoe is ongoing and improving as we learn more about what we can achieve with ballet dancing. Pointe shoes are mostly hand made, which make them quite expensive.

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