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How to Learn Ballroom Dancing the Easy Way

With the rise of television shows like Dancing With The Stars and movies like Mad Hot Ballroom, more and more people are trying to learn ballroom dancing. Some wish to compete, while other are playing for fun or the sake of impressing their friends. Whatever the reason, it is easy for anyone to learn how to ballroom dance like a pro.

Tips For Swing Dancing Success

In the 1940’s, swing was all the rage with fashionable young people. The upbeat music and energetic dancing was just the remedy for the wartime blues. Today, this fun and lively style of dance continues to be popular among the young and old alike.

Dancing For Weight Loss

There is just no getting around the fact that trying to lose weight is no fun. Nobody enjoys having to count calories or feeling guilty for indulging in one of their favorite foods.

The Real Men’s Dance

Is it acceptable for “real men” to dance? And further more, is it acceptable for two “real men” to dance with each other? Most of us would probably say no. But that is because most of us don’t dance Argentine Tango!

What is Ballet Dancing?

Every little girl dreams of growing up someday to become a prima ballerina. On the other hand, many grownups who have never seen a ballet insist that they cannot sit through one because it is boring. The problem, perhaps, is that they are not clear on what exactly ballet dancing is.

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