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The Progression of Dance

It is totally normal for a small child to look at a professional dancer and want to be just like them. They probably don’t fully grasp the reality of the situation which is that there a progression of dance that a dancer has to go through to become as talented as those veteran dancers they may see on television or on stage.

How To Choose Pole Dancing Poles

Pole dancing has now moved from the realms of men’s clubs and into the homes of countless women. Using a pole dancing pole on a regular basis can allow you to tone up your abs and ass, strengthen your arms, and get rid of excess fat and cellulite from the thighs. Find out how to chose a pole dancing pole.

Dance Mat As Fitness Equipment for Kids

In the battle of preventing childhood obesity and helping children to stay healthy, many parents today are looking for fitness equipment for their children, and dance mat is just the perfect equipment for them. For kids who love music, this equipment has become very popular and can promote healthy movement. Dance typically is a great source of cardiovascular fitness, and many sedentary kids will try it because they might view it as fun rather than as exercise.

Learn Street Dance to Impress The Public

Do you have the talent and skill to dance? Have you ever performed your skill in front of the dance loving public?

Injury Prevention for Contemporary Dancers

Unfortunately, injuries are often considered a part of life for the contemporary dancer, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. We all know that the cold hard facts of injury for a dancer can range from a short period of time off for recovery, long periods of rehabilitation, demotion within a company, loss of a contract altogether, or worse still, the end of a career.

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