Janna JYRKINEN (FIN) Women Free Skating | Courchevel 1-2021

Starting Your Dance Education

Today there are a wide range of dance classes available for people of all ages. Whether you want to learn modern dance, tap, ballet or belly dancing, there’ll be a class out there full of likeminded people who want to learn too. There are several steps that you will need to consider when choosing which kind of class suits your individual needs. Firstly, think practically about which kind of dance you wish to learn, the desire to dance is usually a strong passion, and you may be absolutely devoted to one kind of dance.

Dance Lesson – How to Hear the Beat in the Music

Music is a language; a very easy language to learn. It basically has four main words: One; Two; Three; Four.

Improve Ballet Technique – Start at the Very Beginning

Do you desperately want to improve ballet technique? I know how you feel. Ballet is such fun, but sometimes there is a technical problem that simply gets you down. You have no idea how to improve it. Well, read on for some good tips to help you.

How to Improve Ballet – Practice More

If you are wondering how to improve ballet, the answer, unfortunately, is that you have to practice more. One lesson a week is not enough to bring about a real improvement. You have to put in extra time at home, working on your technique so you can really improve your ballet.

How to Improve Ballet Turnout – Dance, and it Will Happen

Do you want to know how to improve ballet turnout? Well, dance and it will happen. That is what I found when I was dancing. Remember, it is part of your general technique and as your technique improves so will your turnout. If you work at it, that is. Read on for a few more good ideas.

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