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Keeping Up With the Dance

Depending upon your own personal dance goals, you may or may not observe the ever changing styles and techniques in dance. If you are a purely social dancer that learned to dance many years ago and are still dancing the same way that you were taught back then, you may not notice the changes like a competitive dancer does.

What is in a Dance Technique?

Dance today is a multicultural mix of international influences, namely – tap, Indian, modern, flamenco, tango, jazz, ballet, folk, Chinese, Hip Hop and more. Just as every species of fish comes in different shapes and sizes, there are also signature qualities that distinguish each type of dance form.

Why You Should Love Ballroom Dancing

You’re probably addicted to watching Dancing with the Stars. Aside from watching your idols in action, ballroom dancing is an art. The moves are smooth and classy, sometimes even sexy.

The Pros and Cons of Teaching Dancing

Teaching dancing is a rewarding and enjoyable career for those who are passionate about dancing, as well as teaching. To be a good teacher it is also essential that you enjoy passing on your knowledge to others, and get on well with all walks of life from small children to adults. Some dancers are great dancers but don’t enjoy or don’t have the patience to teach.

How the Royal Academy of Dance Started in South Africa

The Royal Academy of Dance was started in London in 1920 by a few teachers who wanted to improve the standard of classical ballet and the teaching of it. At that time anyone could say they were a ballet teacher and operate as such. As a result there was a very poor standard of dancer being turned out, along with a lot of unnecessary injuries.

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