Joey Millet – Chopinesque (2021 American Contemporary Skating Festival)

King Tut – Dance Like the Famous Pharaoh

Looking for some new moves to impress your mates on the dance floor? Well take a look back at the past for a retro revival.

How I Loved Those Dancing Tights

I couldn’t believe we were moving again. Another school, another year of trying to fit in and start again. I was 13 and trying to find out who I was, a woman, a child or just caught somewhere between the two.

Do You Like Ballet?

Do you like ballet? Almost every girl dreams to be a ballerina and dance on the scene of the theater, because of its most beautiful and fascinating appearance. When ballerinas in their gorgeous tutus are floating and flying above the floor, every heart sinks with admiration.

Grind Dancing is Full of Rhythm – Grind Dancing Tips

Most forms of dancing help you in improving your social network, and if you learn to freak dance, then you also end up being one of the most popular people on the floor. For those who have a good sense of rhythm to learn to grind dance comes quite easily. This is a foot tapping music which makes a person feel like being on the move by either tapping their feet to the music or drumming their fingers on the table.

Learn How to Dance – The Many Ways

Learning how to dance is best done according to the way which you find most comfortable as this is the only way you will be able to go ahead without any inhibitions. Shy people will not be able to learn in front of too many others especially if the rest of the group is not in the beginners list and is already good at it. These people will have to learn in smaller groups of other beginners or on their own.

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